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Transform your old cookery into a more modern, elegant, and classy cooking/dining area with full kitchen tile floor tiles installation services! CAO Marble and Tile works with an array of natural stones and tiles. We have onyx, granite, marble, porcelain, and ceramic options — all of which are at your disposal. Our installation and remodeling services are available to clients in Sharon, MA, and Southeastern MA.

Benefits of Using Natural Stone and Other Various Tiles in Your Kitchen

Many homeowners opt to use natural stone and other tiles on their kitchen floor, walls, and countertops because they are:


  • Low Maintenance: Tiles are easy to clean. You can restore their deep, shiny luster with a sponge and a bucket of soap water.
  • Very Durable: Natural stone and tile are extremely durable. In fact, most high-quality options can last up to a century! 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Simply put, natural stone and tile are very beautiful. Having them installed is a quick way to add a unique air of elegance and style to any part of your home.

You can also choose to install natural stone countertops such as granite and marble. Both of these elegant options are durable as they resist chips and scratches. They’re also porous materials that are hard to stain, especially if you put a sealant barrier on them. Pick the one that fits your unique style so we can install it in a timely manner!

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Not sure how to design your cooking space? Don’t worry. CAO Marble and Tile is here to help. Collaborate with our full-service experts to determine exactly what kitchen tile flooring solutions would best suit your flooring, countertops, and walls.

Call (781) 502-8984 to learn more about your options. We also provide sample quotes and estimates. 

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